12 September 2015
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Vintage Logo Done For My Channel on YouTube

12 September 2015, Comments 0

This is a vintage vector logo I did for my YouTube channel using Inkscape.

11 September 2015
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The Best Thing I Will Ever Do With Inkscape – A Vintage Cabin

11 September 2015, Comments 0

After watching tutorial after tutorial, I decided to give it a go after watching this video by Logos by Nick. There were some things […]

10 September 2015
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Should We Actually “Fear The Walking Dead”?

10 September 2015, Comments 0

So is AMC onto something here or is this just a pathetic attempt to monetize The Walking Dead money train? Probably a little bit […]

29 August 2015
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Why Cooking is the 51st Shade of Grey

29 August 2015, Comments 0

A Guy’s Perspective. So after a relatively longĀ adult life, and as I settle into middle age, I’ve determined that I like cooking even though […]

8 August 2015
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How Nostradamus Predicted My First Post. No, Really.

8 August 2015, Comments 1

Okay, okay… I’m full of it. Nostradamus definitely did not predict this, but I wish he had. Anyhow, welcome to my little area of […]